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The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council is working for you!

North Dakota is divided into seven districts, and members of the Council are elected to serve producers in these districts.

The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council was organized in 1991 to utilize the North Dakota corn checkoff dollars implemented by North Dakota Century Code 4.1-04. The Corn Council is responsible for allocating the state check-off program dollars for research, education, promotion of the use of corn and corn by products, and market development. Research areas include livestock, ethanol, new uses for corn and corn by-products, and soil health studies.

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Tysen Rosenau

Tysen Rosenau

Carson Klosterman
Justin Quandt

Justin Quandt

Jason Rayner

Matt Powell

Tysen Rosenau

William Wagner

Terry Wehlander

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Paul R. Anderson

Robert Ferebee