State law governs the use of your checkoff dollars – this money can only be used for research, education, market development and promotion purposes.

Assessed at a rate of one-quarter of one percent (.0025) of the value of a bushel of corn, the checkoff works to support goals of creating new and expanded markets for corn and increase profitability for North Dakota corn producers. The checkoff is an investment into the future of the corn industry in North Dakota.

Through the strategic and thoughtful investment of your dollars we are advancing the use of corn and corn co-products in new ways, building new markets both domestically and abroad as well as funding research to help our farmers continue to be good stewards of the land.

See the history of the corn checkoff in North Dakota here.

“In the midst of searching for solutions on my own farm, I was led to the work being done by the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council. I was drawn to the many research projects being supported by the Council through checkoff dollars, and became interested in being more involved. I am excited about the research being conducted on behalf of the North Dakota corn industry and I am proud to be a part of a corn checkoff program that is working to grow a healthy, profitable business climate for the northern corn industry.”

Terry Wehlander, North Dakota Corn Utilization Council District 5

We are proud of the programs your checkoff dollars have helped fund. For more information about these programs, click on the links below.