Mystery of Corn Readers


Mystery of Corn Readers have been developed for North Dakota educators through a partnership with Kansas Corn STEM and are free to all North Dakota educators. Educators who subscribe can receive a reader for each student to investigate a mystery about corn. These readers are excellent to use along with other corn STEM lessons or as a stand-alone piece. Additionally, each reader comes with a teacher guide and supplemental teaching materials. These readers have been developed to meet ND educational standards and each edition will have four versions: K-1, 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Suggested uses of the readers include activities for substitute teachers, science or STEM learning time, small reading groups or reading centers, career exploration, fill time after quizzes or tests, as an after-school resource, and more!

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For 23-24 school year, all readers will be delivered at one time. Deadline to subscribe for spring delivery is February 1st.
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