The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council (NDCUC) is excited to support your teaching efforts by providing supplies and/or information on corn or agriculture for your classroom or event. NDCUC can provide ND Ag Mags, coloring books, pencils, erasers, corn nuts, or other materials or support. These materials are only available to teachers and educational coordinators located in North Dakota. Please feel free to download any materials listed below, or fill out the request form if you would like hard copies or materials mailed to you.

Resources and Materials NDCUC

Virtual Living Ag Classroom

Visit our Virtual Living Ag Classroom to learn more about corn grown in North Dakota, and its many uses! Simply click the link below, then explore the virtual classroom by clicking on objects around the room to access lessons, activities, videos, trivia, and more. Have fun!

Visit the Virtual Living Ag Classroom

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